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At Black Dragon Martial Arts we like you to have the PEACE OF MIND that comes from being CONFIDENT that you can take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Did you know that the national statistics say that 1 in 8 people were violently attacked in the United States 10 years ago? Now they say that ratio is closer to 1 in 4. WOW! That's just plain frightening, isn't it?

This world is most certainly NOT becoming a safer place, so SOMETHING MUST BE DONE and DONE IMMEDIATELY.

In order to help our community to become the safest in the nation, we've created our very own practical and tactical Adult Self-Defense Workshops designed specifically for REAL PEOPLE like you. In addition to teaching you how to recognize and successfully escape from real life attack situations, we'll go the extra mile. Our specially trained instructors take the participants through defensive and awareness training to provide them with the basic tools needed to feel safe and confident without needing to become a specially trained ninja. (Most people just don't have time for that anyway)

Call 860-892-5425 today to learn about our special offers and reserve your space in our next workshop!
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