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Black Dragon Martial Arts & Fitness Programs for Teens and Adults that will teach you lifesaving self-defense skills & change the way you look and feel about yourself!

Martial Arts in Norwich CTWhether you’re looking to get into the best shape of your life, learn effective self-defense skills, get hands-on training in martial arts, or all of the above, Black Dragon Martial Arts of Norwich has programs specially designed for teens and adults. We cater to guys and girls of all ages and skill levels, so no matter what your goals, we can help you achieve them.

With our action-packed, exciting martial arts & fitness programs, you’ll enjoy:Kickboxing Fitness Norwich

  • Intense workouts that burn fat and build sculpted muscle
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • World class training in martial arts, fitness and self-defense
  • Fun and excitement with every class

Are you ready to get started?
Call 860-892-5425 today to find out more about our programs and our special offers!

What Will You Learn?

Our classes are designed to help you develop a range of important martial arts and self-defense skills. You’ll learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones, while mastering a range of important striking skills and grappling skills.

We offer a wide range of martial arts programs and styles whatever your goals are. There is something for everyone!

Our Adult Programs Include:

  • Adults Martial Arts
    • For ages 14 and up. We all need some "me" time. Enter this class with an open mind and empty hands. You will learn practical self defense techniques. Set goals for a better mind and body. As with all our classes at Black Dragon Martial Arts Academy, you will sweat. Come prepared to learn life skills as well as feel muscles you never thought you had.

  • KickFit Fitness Bootcamp
    • This isn't a gym, and we're not aerobic instructors. We're fighters. Our training is rigorous. With our Kick Fit Boot Camp you'll have fun, improve your fitness level, boost your confidence, and emerge with the look, skills, and conditioning of a graceful fighter...all without ever getting hit. Join us!!

  • Personal KickFit Training Session
    • Amp up your workout experience with our newly offered Personal Kick Fit Training sessions. In just 30 minutes you will experience the burn with intense drills that will give you a full body workout with cardio, core strengthening, functional strength training and kickboxing fundamentals. This is not to be compared with our Kick Fit Group classes, this personalized workout is designed to release your inner athlete and to take you to a whole new level of fitness. The best part is, you choose the day & time. We promise it will be worth it! (Maximum Instructor to Student ratio is 1:2)
  • Private Lessons
    • Private lessons are scheduled at your convenience and based on availability. These lessons are beneficial on their own or in addition to group classes. (Private Lessons are 1:2 Instructor to Student Ratio Max)

Get Taught by the Best

Martial Arts Norwich CTBlack Dragon Martial Arts of Norwich has a team of professionals on hand to teach you all the skills you need to succeed. Our staff is filled with professionally trained martial artists who are committed to helping you grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.

You’ll get the comfort that comes with knowing you’re being trained by the very best, so you can enjoy safe, proper instruction that helps you be better and avoid injuries.

As you master the martial arts training, you’ll probably also find that you have more self-discipline, higher self-esteem, and a fiery spirit that drives you to be your very best, day in and day out.

The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Are you ready to challenge yourself so you can grow physically, mentally, and spiritually? If so, the staff at Black Dragon Martial Arts of Norwich is ready, able, and willing to help you achieve your goals.

Call 860-892-5425 today to find out more about our programs and our special offers!

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